Nintendo’s Leap of Faith with Mario

The gaming industry observed a huge crash in the early 80s. But Nintendo, who was doing pretty well in the Japan market, wanted to explore the opportunity which the American market had to offer. Nintendo broke the lull by rebranding Donkey Kong’s Jumpman as Mario Bros. Mario had a simple, yet gripping storyline that lured children, game addicts, and even adults. The journey of two Italian plumbers overcoming obstacles and saving Princess Toadstool from evil Browser, got more adventurous as the levels increase. Mario was adored by its fans worldwide as the central figure was easily recognizable; draped in a colorful outfit with white gloves and construction hat, a big nose, and quirky mustache. Mario has featured in a line of TV commercials that captivated great attention and love from viewers. Mario appeared on television shows, feature films, comic books, lunch boxes, merchandise, and many more places. His legacy stretches to advertising where several brands have used the popular gaming format and the unforgettable tune, by placing the character in their product-integrated world. Mario became a massive sensation and a brand in itself, because the game was first of its kind, directly signaling at the advantages of being the early bird in an industry.Connect today to build an everlasting brand like Mario!

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