Mr. Pringles logo: Bold yet Boring?

New Mr. Pringles logo: Bold yet Boring? Plenty of logos get redesigned; while some look like a fresh upgrade, others don’t always hit the mark. The lovable Pringles mascot is the latest to have fallen victim, 20years since his last redesign. They described their glow up as “youthful” & “eye-catching” and that it was meant to give Mr. P a “modern emoji-style look”. A genius Twitter user even pointed out that every shape in the new logo could be a Pringle. The word Pringles has been shaped to look like Mr. Pringle’s famous red bow tie giving a simplistic, cleaner look. And it’s not just the logo, the iconic cans have also been given a fresh look. Brighter & Bolder packaging highlighting their famous stackable shape. Since Pringles launched, Mr. P has had six new looks to keep in tune with the times, the 2021 version of Mr. P is his boldest look yet. However, people think the new logo looks Bland, Boring & Cheap. Share in the comments below how can brands update their style without losing the essence.

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