How Taylor Markets All Too Well!

How does Taylor Swift manage to make records and go on to break her own records over and over again? Let’s crack it.

Taylor used to write her own songs and tell stories through the songs from her very first album. Through this she was able to take control of the conversation, and put her side across at the same time. In the music industry the set rule was that music is either produced for the masses and commercialized or worked on for a long time for only the niche fans. Taylor decided to do both. She would make up themes for her albums, fans would call it eras, produced merchandise for them and used different ways to brand them which led to a kind of anticipation being built around the release of her albums. Prior to a new launch she would drop hints and call them easter eggs, which fans can use as pieces of a puzzle, put them together and solve the riddles what’s coming. She even secretly invites fans over to her houses for intimate album listening parties before the album release keeping her community excited and talks about her stirring. The 11-time Grammy winner also doesn’t fail to treat fans to extravagant experiences with her concerts, inviting other artists for guest performances and organizes world tours followed by meet and greet sessions after every concert. She documents her concerts, which are absolute celebrations of music, and uses the footage to put together magical montages for OTT platforms as well.

Be it is misheard lyrics, dating rumours, controversies, speculations, feuds or partnerships, nothing has stopped Taylor from tapping all avenues for minting revenues. Taylor Swift is the queen of pop or as the Time magazine famously printed on its cover “Taylor Swift Is the Music Industry”. Looking at it now, doesn’t Swift sound like a marketing genius?

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