How P&G’s Brand Architecture Reached Out To Different Markets?

We all know Tide and Ariel compete with each other in the market. But did you know they are products of the same brand Procter & Gamble.


Tide – Positioned to suit a price sensitive market with premium branding.
Ariel – Cleverly positioned Ariel as a revolutionary machine-washing detergent.


Tide – To reach the vast majority of rural households.
Ariel – To revolutionize the entire landscape of washing by introducing innovation.

Target Market –

Tide – Middle & lower middle-class women in metropolitan areas who do their own laundry.
Ariel – Self-employed & skilled individuals in metropolitan cities who can afford premium products.

With India’s economic improvement Tide has trained itself to be the top option in the economic yet premium detergent category. However, Ariel’s primary target remains upper middle class and culturally-oriented groups. P&G used emotional engagement and perception for capturing best of both worlds. What are your ideas to capture new markets?

Here are some ideas for creating a unique space for your brand in the market:

  • Focus on what the audience wants and market your product creating a need for it.
  • Thoroughly research the market and keep yourself updated with technological advancements & upcoming entrepreneurial tools.
  • While remaining true to your brand, adapt according to the demographic requirements.
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