How Nike Just Does It?

Nike stays at the top of the Brand Finance Apparel list and is ahead of other luxury brands also. Question is how did it manage to become a luxury brand without anyone noticing? It is by taking full advantage of marketing strategy. Nike attracted the biggest names in sports to endorse the brand and dominated the athletic footwear industry. With the basketball legend Michael Jordan, they created the iconic Air Jordan in 1984 that is known throughout pop culture to this day. Nike aligns their brand with world’s most influential brand partnerships with Travis Scott, Drake, and Kendrick Lamar. This makes mainstreaming the brand to target the demographics who are more interested in style or sport. Their most successful ad campaigns weren’t focused on the pros, but rather on everyday people. Nike focuses on inducing emotion by narrating stories of overcoming adversity; utilizing the analogy that the individual succeeds over the voice in their hand that tells them “They can’t,’. To which Nike responds with ‘Just Do It’.

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