Cause & Effect of Levi’s Sustainable Fashion

American denim brand Levi’s launched a new campaign ‘Buy Better, Wear Longer’. To raise awareness about environmental impacts of the apparel industry, Levi’s started creating clothing that lasts for generations. They employed sustainable production practices and invested in alternative materials and technology. To spread the campaign’s message, Levi’s appointed young sustainability-minded ambassadors. One such young ambassador said that Levi’s campaign for setting a trend for sustainable fashion will uproot the shame from thrifting and reusing clothes. The VP Product Innovation at Levi’s shared “You experience the difference when you have jeans that have been through it all with you… It’s both a physical and an emotional durability that we strive to offer consumers…”. Such statements made while promoting the campaign clearly defined the cause & effect. The cause – Sustainability, the effect – Brand Loyalty. That’s what is called hitting two birds with one stone. What relationship do you have with your pair of Levi’s?

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