Amway hopped on the K-Pop wave

You may think Korean music doesn’t really seem to cross paths with skincare. Does it? Take a closer look.

With youth obsessing over achieving “glass skin” just like their favourite Korean celebrities, it is only logical for them to pursue altering their lifestyle choices accordingly. Consequentially, it has been observed that there is a growing demand of anti-aging and skincare products by Indian consumers who are looking for products that are enhanced with nutrients. Part of it is due to the pandemic unarguably, but a major catalyst behind skincare being the top selling segment of personal wellness line of products, is the surging Indian fanbase of K-Pop and K-Drama. Among many other brands launching their products aimed at replicating Korean skincare, is Amway. Earlier in 2022, Amway partnered with IIT Bombay for research on nutraceuticals, botanicals, and herbal supplements, to bring technology and innovation in its nutrition and herbal range. Amway went on to launch a skin nutrition segment under its premium brand range Artistry introducing products with plant-based botanicals from Nutrilite farms. Not just the shape and packaging of product containers, but even the advertisements are a spitting image of how domestic Korean brands position themselves.

So, no matter how unrelated a trend might be to your brand, you can still find links and capitalise on it. This repositioning of Artistry’s look & feel instantly strikes a chord with the Korean culture fans in India winning over their trust and loyalty towards the brand.

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