Disney & Johnny’s Fallout

The people associated to a brand are extensions of their message and offerings. Johnny Depp, the famous Captain Jack Sparrow, was also a retainer of one of Disney’s most successful franchise, Pirates of the Caribbean. Amidst his infamous divorce lawsuit and accusations of domestic abuse, Johnny was fired by Disney on account of defamation. Leaving the fans furious and Johnny out of a $22.5million deal for the franchise sequel. During the recent turn of events, Disney’s decision is proving to be rather rushed as #justiceforjohnnydepp has taken over social media by a storm. The proceedings in court being blasted all over the internet are inclined towards proving Johnny innocent. However, when asked, Johnny acknowledged in court that he will never work with Disney again even if he is offered $300 million. Johnny’s fans have boycotted Disney and demand a public apology. The jury is out in Johnny’s favour so where does this leave Disney?

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