Breaking Down ZARA’s Success Formula

The concept of “Fast Fashion” was introduced by Zara, to a range of consumers from all cultures and age groups. They keep up effortlessly with the fashion trends that seem to come with a short expiry, with minimum delay. Zara offers collections that are both high quality and cost conscious, yet they manage to establish themselves firmly in the price sensitive Indian market. Where most brands would take close to six months to introduce new designs and collections to the market, Zara keeps paces with the ever-evolving fashion trends & their designs are updated & put up in the stores within a week or two. Every 3-4 weeks, the brand rotates the goods on display so every time a visitor walks by, they see something new. The fast fashion industry gets criticized for the impact of production on the environment. Zara found a way to improve that too by adopting a more sustainable life-cycle for its products because environment sustainability has become increasingly important to consumers by the passing day. What do you think about Zara’s Fast fashion? What other brands come to your mind when you think of fast fashion?

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