An Easy Way Out with Pampers

A researcher at P&G became frustrated with changing his newborn grandson’s cloth nappies. The process was messy: The nappies fit poorly, soaked too quickly and needed to be laundered too frequently. In 1956, only 1 percent of the target audience used disposable diapers in of diaper the US each year. He wanted a better alternative to cloth diapers, and worked with his R&D team on the first high-quality, affordable disposable diaper. In no time, Pampers became P&G’s fastest growing brand and the first one to generate more than $10 billion in annual sales in 2012. This is a classic example of how problem solving is an instrumental trait for entrepreneurs. If we observe the market and its requirements closely, we can identify needs and turn them into opportunities. Do you a solution to a problem can be a business idea too?

Having a plan of action is very important when going about solving problems, and that is where brand consultants like WeYou Partners step in. We guide you to:

1. Identify & define the problem
2. Generate alternative solutions
3. Evaluate them and choose the one that’s most viable
4. Implement and test how it works out for you
5. Follow through deviations in expectation vs reality and strategise again accordingly

Which stage do you think you’re stuck at and would need help?

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